David Hockney's iPad Art On Display At Royal Academy

Famous Artist's iPad Art On Display

David Hockney may be 74 years old, but that doesn't mean he can't learn some new tricks.

A new exhibition at the Royal Academy will feature many landscapes which Hockney drew on an iPad, then blew up and printed on paper.

It's a new direction for Hockney, and the artist admits he didn't take to the Apple device quickly. "It took me awhile to realize it's quite a serious tool you can use," he said.

The exhibition, which opens January 21st and will run through April 9, is entitled "David Hockney: A Bigger Picture" and includes images from 50 years of the artist's career. Hockney's won high praise for adopting technology, with many outlets praising his move, and The Guardian even pointing to the development as proof that he's "an artist who still genuinely matters."

That said, he's hardly the only or first artist to take up the iPad. Tech sites have long been publishing guides to creating your own touchscreen masterpieces, and many sites around the web have culled some of the world's best iPhone or iPad artists into galleries.

WATCH: A YouTube user apparently spotted Hockney crafting a piece in a cafe:

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