David Horowitz Shuns a Race-Baiter

After seeing my Huffington Post entry of two days ago, conservative activist David Horowitz decided that he and his website,, will cut their ties to Lawrence Auster.
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Conservative activist David Horowitz deserves to be commended (even though he thinks I'm a "prick"). He has done the right thing.

After seeing my Huffington Post entry of two days ago, Horowitz decided that he and his website, FrontPage Magazine, will cut their ties to Lawrence Auster.

Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Auster (who had contributed to FrontPage for years) traded some nasty emails yesterday. And Auster posted them verbatim on his own blog, attacking Horowitz as a "shameful" coward who has knuckled under to political correctness.

I'll get to those emails in a minute. First, the background:

FrontPage on Wednesday featured an essay by Lawrence Auster titled "The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States." Auster cited U.S. Justice Department statistics which show that white-on-black rape is extremely rare, while black-on-white rapes and sexual assaults occur more than 100 times a day. Auster's conclusion: "[W]hite women in this country are being targeted by black rapists."

(According to the same data, however, a black woman in America is three times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than a white woman. This fact doesn't fit Auster's race-baiting agenda. Black-on-white predation, that's the name of his tune.)

David Horowitz defends the interracial rape essay; it is still available in the FrontPage archives. What Horowitz can no longer abide is Auster's history of "racist" statements.

"Are you unaware that you have been attacked -- and I through you -- on Huffington Post?" Horowitz wrote to Auster yesterday, after receiving an email from Auster on a different subject.

Lawrence Auster then read my HuffPo piece. He was shocked to learn that Horowitz, in May 2006, sent me an email agreeing with my assessment, as spelled out in an 11-page letter to Horowitz, that Auster has a record of anti-black animus dating back years.

This pissed him off. "You never told me this," Auster wrote in an email to Horowitz. "You never told me you weren't going to publish me unless I repudiated certain positions."

Horowitz replied: "Lawrence you're a big pain in the ass... We have had many arguments over your racial attitudes as you know. I don't think you're the kind of racist this prick Mills describes you as... But I do think you have made statements that are racist. I have a million enemies out there and I don't need attacks waiting to happen by publishing your stuff. I published this piece because I forgot my exchange with Mills last year...."

Horowitz added: "I'd like to see you defend yourself against the charges Mills is making rather than attacking me."

Auster emailed Horowitz, objecting to that "big pain in the ass" remark. Auster wanted to know why Horowitz didn't banish him a year ago, if he was so inclined. Horowitz shot back:

"I want you to go away Lawrence. ... [T]he fact that you're piling on me while I'm getting letters from my children asking me why I published a racist, and while I'm waiting to see this spread across the Internet, is more than I can handle right now."

Instead of worrying about my HuffPo entry "spreading across the Internet" -- which it didn't, not until Auster went public with their falling out -- David Horowitz should've pondered how FrontPage's focus on interracial rape might reverberate through the blogosphere.

Yesterday, David Duke reprinted Auster's essay on his own website, and he added prefatorially: "The numbers of White women victims of Black rape are about ten times the rate of Americans being seriously wounded in Iraq. We here at www.DavidDuke.com will not remain silent about it!"

After Duke called attention to it, Auster's article was then reprinted on KirksvilleToday.com, a blog affiliated with neo-Nazi organizer Alex Linder. Headline: "All Niggers Are Rapists."

Hate-blogger "kville" provided this postscript to Lawrence Auster's social analysis:

"Jew Auster, of course, being a jew, doesn't present the correct context.... [W]hat the JEW doesn't tell you is that it was the proximity afforded these niggers to white women as a result of civil rights that made these rapes possible. The jews were the driving force behind civil rights. ... The nigger rapist is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE."

Well, like Jesus said, you judge a tree by its fruit. With wormy crabapples like this one falling to the ground, Horowitz decided perhaps too late to remove Lawrence Auster, root and branch, from his backyard.

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