David J. Varricchio, Montana State University Professor, About Which Dinosaurs Tasted The Best

What was the best tasting dinosaur? It definitely wasn't the T-Rex, according to David Varricchio, professor of paleontology at Montana State University.

"They've found jaw abnormalities that suggests they [T-rexes] were eating fetid meat and had diseases that came about from prey items." Varricchio told Popular Science. "They would be pretty parasite-laden."

According to Slate magazine, a T-rex would taste a bit like a hawk. Gross!

So what makes a dinosaur delicious? The adage "you are what you eat" is proved true here. Dinosaurs that ate plants generally were tastier than dinosaurs that ate meat or fish. (This is also true of modern meats humans find delicious, like cow).

The dinosaurs that were particularly appetizing, according to Varricchio, include the ornithomimosaurs, a dinosaur that rather resembled the modern ostrich. Varricchio also said sauropods like the Brachiosaurus, which had long necks built to strain trees for food, would be a great dinner if its predator could eat a ton of food (or 28 tons).

"Sauropod neck could be a delicacy," Varricchio said in Popular Science

Curious to see for yourself what dinosaur meat tastes like? There are always commercially available cuts. (JK!)