Ex-GOP Lawmaker: It’s Time To Vote Republicans Out So We Can Get Gun Control

"Republicans are not going to do a single thing after this shooting we saw today."

If Americans want gun control legislation in the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school, they need to vote Republicans out of office, a former GOP lawmaker said.

“Republicans will never do anything on gun control,” former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) said on CNN Wednesday.

Jolly said Republicans refuse to enact any gun control laws, even after a member of Congress was shot at a baseball practice last year.

“The idea of gun policy in the Republican party is to try to get a speaking slot at the NRA and prove to that constituency that you are further right than generations past on guns,” Jolly said.

Then, he called on voters to take to the ballot box in November:

“If this is the issue that defines your ideology as a voter, there are two things I would suggest tonight. First, flip the House. Flip the House. Republicans are not going to do a single thing after this shooting we saw today.”

Democrats should then bypass Republicans and go directly to the law enforcement community and work on real solutions for gun control, Jolly said. He also suggested it might be time to give his party the boot since Republicans in Congress have done little to keep President Donald Trump in check.

“We do know that we have a president who very well might put this nation at risk and this Republican Congress has done nothing to check his power,” Jolly added. “Democrats could, and we might be better off as a republic if they take the House in 2018.”

See his latest comments in the clip above.

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