Comedian David Koechner Was 'Shocked' To Be Kicked Off 'SNL'

He said he had no idea he wouldn't make the cut on the show.

David Koechner graced the "Saturday Night Live" stage for the first time in 1995, only to find himself booted off the show just a year later. Koechner looked back on his stint on the show during a HuffPost Live conversation about his new horror film "Krampus" and said he was surprised to find out he wasn't coming back the following year.

After Koechner and a new crop of cast members -- including Darrell Hammond, Molly Shannon, Chris Kattan and more -- joined "SNL" that year, the show's ratings "went down a little bit," Koechner explained. Thus, NBC executives were looking to make a change.

"Lorne [Michaels] wanted to keep me, but west coast NBC wanted to make changes and I was it. I'd had a very successful year. I'd had like four or five re-occurring characters [and] I did presidential impressions," he told host Josh Zepps. "So I was shocked, as everyone else was, that I was the one let go. But six months later I met my wife, so not bad."

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