David Letterman Calls 'Truce' With Jay Leno: Feud Over? (VIDEO)

The decades-long feud between veteran late night talk show hosts David Letterman and Jay Leno might just be coming to an end. That is, if Leno accepts.

Letterman called for "a truce" with Leno on Friday night's "Late Show" during a bit where he tweeted a funny message at his fellow late night hosts, including "cable twins" Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, as Letterman dubbed them.

Before sending the tweet, Letterman paused to clear the air with Leno, admitting that the reason he's said some "terrible things" about him in the past is that, "It's just fun."

"I've decided I'm declaring a truce; I'm burying the hatchet," Letterman said. "I'm calling for an end to this, because we've all become brothers."

Leno and Letterman's feud dates back to 1992, when Leno was hired to take over "The Tonight Show" after Johnny Carson in lieu of Letterman. The ensuing tension has provided both hosts with plenty of material over the years.

We'll have to wait until after the new year to see if Leno will respond to Letterman's truce on "The Tonight Show."

While Leno's show is still the most-watched series on late night, just this past November Letterman beat Leno in ratings for the coveted 18-49 demographic -- for the first time since 1994.