David Letterman Clearly Going For A 'Santa Chic’ Look

Retirement mode 💯

David Letterman looks like he's living the retirement dream. 

A bald-headed Letterman was photographed jogging in a T-shirt and shorts in St. Bart's on Tuesday. The 68-year-old, who ended his late-night tenure last May when he stepped aside as host of "The Late Show" to make room for Stephen Colbert, looked happy as can be with a big smile and even bigger beard. 

The comedian grew accustomed to wearing suits every night and keeping his face cleanly shaven. After saying goodbye to television, he decided to take a more relaxed approach. (Who can blame him?) 

"You know what? I used to say, every day, 'I am so sick and tired of shaving.' I had to shave every day, every day, for 33 years," he told White Fish Review in December. "And even before that when I was working on local TV. And I just thought, the first thing I will do when I am not on TV is stop shaving. And everybody hates it. My wife hates it. My son hates it. But it’s interesting. I’ve kind of developed a real creepy look with it that I’m sort of enjoying. And I can tell that people are off-put by it. And the more people implore me to shave, the stronger my resolve is to not shave. So the day that I shave, I’ll call you."

We salute you, sir. 



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