David Letterman's Jon Huntsman Top Ten List Half 'Who Is He?' Jokes (VIDEO)

WATCH: Letterman's Snarky Jon Huntsman Send-Off

With Jon Huntsman finally dropping out of the GOP presidential race ahead of the South Carolina primary, David Letterman said goodbye to one more potential candidate the only way he knows how: a "Top Ten List."

Similar to his Chris Christie "Top Ten List" last year that was comprised entirely of fat jokes, this latest edition of the age-old trope is almost a parody of itself.

There are 10 jokes, six of which are different ways of saying, "Who is Jon Huntsman?" while the other four make us think Letterman is pretty much "over it" as far as the election is concerned.

Letterman's joke at the top of the video ("He's going back to China") is probably the funniest of them all, but he fills in the list of "Who is he?" jokes with some Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Tim Tebow and Obama humor for good measure. Watch above.

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