Robbery $uspect Actually Put Loot In Dollar $ign Bag: Cops

Sometimes, real life imitates cartoons.

A Washington state robbery suspect told Subway restaurant employees not to "do anything funny" before he stuffed a sack marked "$" with cash and stolen property, police say.


money bagTHIS IS FUNNY.

David Lingafelter, 22, was arrested Wednesday in Olympia when authorities discovered him hiding behind a dumpster near a grocery store. Lingafelter was on the run after he held up the Subway, authorities said.

According to the City of Olympia:

The suspect told the employee not to “do anything funny” and reached into his pocket as if he had a weapon. He ordered the employee to open the cash register and put her hands on her head. He took the cash and fled the store, taking a blue shopping cart with him. After calling 911, the employee realized her phone was also missing.

Police said that money bag was tied to the front of the suspect's pants.

Lingafelter was arrested and booked for robbery and obstructing.