David Lynch Nightclub In Paris Opens, Based On Club Silencio

David Lynch is doing a lot of things that don't involve him making movies. He's having a Crazy Clown Time, collaborating with the boys of Interpol, painting a city of absurdity, and of course keeping up with his transcendental meditation.

Now, he can add French nightclub to the list. According to the Guardian, the director has finally opened his nightclub in Paris called Silencio, inspired by Club Silencio in "Mulholland Drive."

Lynch, who was not present at the club's opening, told Paola Genone from L'Express that working on Club Silencio "has taken the last two years. Looking at what we have done, I feel myself almost immortal."

"I have the feeling that I have coaxed out some of the atmosphere and the characters from my films, and even from my music," he added.

The Guardian sets the scene:

You do feel you are descending into another world as you go down the six flights of stairs into Silencio. Buddhist cocktail bars with their own bijoux cinemas, library, dream forest and stage straight from Twin Peaks are thin on the ground, even in the second arrondissement. One minute you are in the dark, the next you are in a golden tunnel of mini-mandalas. The effect is somewhere between nirvana, a classy Cincinatti cocktail bar circa 1975, and Goldie's mouth.

In our world this means that every day from now on, there is a woman singing "Llorando" and collapsing on repeat.

Visit the Guardian for a complete look inside the chambers of Club Silencio, photos included.