David Lynch Releases Haunting Electro Song 'Creepy Clown Time' (VIDEO)

Experimental auteur David Lynch released the first single from his upcoming electronic album Crazy Clown Time, and boy is it a doozie.

As in Lynch's films, the director's pop music is full of unsettling nostalgia, disjointed narrative and overall discomfort. The melody has an old timey twang which might sound familiar if it weren't so creepy. Lynch sings in a clownish baby talk over smothered female moans. Characters are introduced by small-town names like Sally, Polly and Timmy, and their story is recounted as if in a chilling bedtime story. “Susie, she ripped her shirt off completely/ Then he poured beer all over Sally”... it's a twisted suburban nightmare as only Lynch could conjure it. Listen to the song below, and watch out for the album, which will be available November 8.