David Lynch Gives Daily Weather Report With Giant Black Lives Matter Sign Behind Him

The "Twin Peaks" and "Eraserhead" director, who has released surreal weather reports on YouTube since May, opted for a noticeable statement this week.

David Lynch, director of “Twin Peaks” and cult classics “The Elephant Man” and “Eraserhead,” presented his Wednesday daily weather report video sitting in front of a large Black Lives Matter sign.

“It’s June 3, 2020, and it’s a Wednesday,” the 74-year-old filmmaker said. “Here in LA, beautiful blue skies, a few wispy clouds, golden sunshine coming, very still, around 65 degrees Fahrenheit right now, 18 Celsius. Should get up to the mid-80s this afternoon, around 26 Celsius, sunshine all the way. Have a great day, everyone.”

Following his succinct weather analysis, Lynch can be seen leaving his chair, fully revealing the sign behind him which reads: “BLACK LIVES MATTER, PEACE, JUSTICE, NO FEAR.”

On Tuesday, Lynch uploaded a video that didn’t even have him visible, prompting one of the top commentators to write: “Is it expressing solidarity with Blackout Tuesday? Is it just David Lynch being David Lynch, and suddenly injecting an element of mystery and menace into the otherwise banal and mundane? Is it both?”

Lynch’s YouTube account, DAVID LYNCH THEATER, contains daily weather reports dating back to May 11. The clips, reminiscent of Lynch’s surrealist cinematic efforts, are a revival of a series of similar videos that the director posted online in the mid-2000s. They’ve been described by media as “surprisingly soothing” and “the coronavirus surrealism we need.”

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