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David McCallum On How The World's Changed After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 29 Years


David McCallum served 29 years in prison after being coerced into offering a false confession for the kidnapping and murder of a 20-year-old boy in 1985. After spending nearly three decades behind bars, he gave HuffPost Live a glimpse into how life for him has changed since becoming a free man.

"I got a big dose of reality this morning, as a matter of fact, coming here, on the train," McCallum recounted in a Thursday interview. "It reminded of how New York City is such a unique city. [Simple things like] subway transportation ... those are moments before I got arrested I remember, but at the same time, they're markedly different now."

"I'm not complaining," he added, in reference to the small inconveniences of city travel. "Trust me. It was a good experience."

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