David Moe, Preschool Teacher Arrested On Child Porn Charges Kept A Journal Detailing Contact With Children; Released On Bond

Teacher Kept A 'Hugs, Tickles' Journal About Contact With Students

The Denver preschool teacher who has been charged with distributing and possessing child pornography apparently also kept a journal detailing his physical interactions with students.

Excerpts from the journal that were read aloud in court Tuesday contained meticulously-kept records of hugs, tickles and holding some of his female students by the hips.

The students' names were redacted from the entries, but prosecutors say more than 100 children were named in the 800-page journal.

Attorneys however say that the journal does not depict any explicitly sexual encounters between David Moe, 45, and Paddington Station Preschool students.

Some excerpts from the journal that were heard in court include:

"I couldn't keep my hands off her and it was fun."

"Gave her a kiss on the cheek, and no bad reaction. I love her so much."

"I was overly affectionate with her, but I love her so. No more of that."

According to Moe's records, one student told him that she only allows her family to tickle her. After the incident Moe wrote in his journal, "She's obviously been coached."

Moe's defense team asked the judge to release him from custody on bail, arguing that he wasn't a flight risk, doesn't have a criminal history and would be willing to wear a Global Positioning System (GPS) monitor. Defense Attorney Paul McCormick is arguing that Moe kept his personal online life and teaching life separate.

Prosecutors however called a special agent who investigates child pornography for the Department of Homeland Security who testified that Moe touched a young girl 10 years ago who had been recently adopted from a Romanian orphanage. The girl's parents said that she had pointed to her genitalia and repeated "Dave touch" after the incident.

The prosecution team also told presiding Judge Michael Hegarty that Moe's child pornography collection was much bigger than he told agents, amounting to 5-6 terabytes of explicit data.

Moe had been a teacher at Paddington Station Preschool for 18 years of the school's 19-year history.

An affidavit on file at the U.S. District Court in Denver says Moe has admitted that he used a computer program to collect and share images of child pornography.

"Moe stated that he has lots of sexually explicit images, approximately 10,000, and estimates that 2 percent depict children under the age of 18. Mr. Moe's preference is to look at sexually explicit images depicting females ages four and older," reads the affidavit.

Judge Hegarty ordered a pretrial release for Moe Wednesday, against prosecutors' and parents' worry that he is a danger to the community.

According to 9News, Hegarty imposed 13 conditions for Moe's bond release that include GPS monitoring, house arrest, no internet use and no contact with children.

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