David Morrissey Cast In AMC's 'Line Of Sight,' What Does This Mean For The Governor On 'The Walking Dead'?

Morrissey, who was signed as a series regular for Season 4 of "The Walking Dead," will star in the pilot as Lewis Bernt, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash, bringing him on an emotionally disorienting quest to discover the accident’s cause." He'll appear alongside Kai Lennox, who is playing Tony Vie, another of the crash victims.

But what does Morrissey's casting mean for his future as the villainous Governor on "The Walking Dead"?

“We are huge fans of David Morrissey and are glad he’ll be doing double duty for AMC viewers through his work on 'The Walking Dead' and our pilot for 'Line Of Sight,' both of which are produced in Atlanta,” the network told Deadline in a statement.

A shared filming location will certainly make Morrissey's dual roles easier to juggle, at least while filming the "Line of Sight" pilot, but should the mystery drama go to series, Morrissey is unlikely to be able to fulfil regular roles on both shows. In other words, don't get too attached to the charismatic villain -- Season 4 could potentially be his last.

"The Walking Dead" Season 4 will return on Sunday, October 13 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Would you miss Morrissey on "The Walking Dead," or is it time for The Governor to get his just desserts?

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