David Plouffe Explains Obama Team's 2010 Strategy (VIDEO)

White House senior adviser David Plouffe laid out President Obama's 2010 election strategy with Organizing for America Executive Director Mitch Stewart in a webcast planning session this week.

In the discussion, Plouffe -- a chief architect of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign -- stressed that getting first-time voters to the polls is the key to winning in Novemeber.

"We've settled on focusing on first time voters," Plouffe explained. "We know we have a historical burden here to make sure that these people stay in the process."

Plouffe noted that 15 million first-time voters led to the election of President Obama less than two years ago and that getting those young individuals back to the polls this year would be the key to success in 2010 midterm races.

"After months of feedback from volunteers on the ground and nearly 1,000 local strategy sessions held all over the country, your top priority for 2010 was crystal clear: getting out the 15 million voters who cast a ballot for the first time in 2008. They put President Obama over the top then. And they're going to make the difference again in close races across the country in November."

WATCH: David Plouffe Explains Obama Team's 2010 Strategy