Vintage Ads Get A Pop Culture Makeover And The Results Are Epic

What if vintage and contemporary pop culture had the opportunity, however brief, to coexist? This delicious hypothetical is at the core of David Redon's "Ads Libitum," a playful series that combines the aesthetic of vintage ads with today's biggest pop culture icons.


Redon, who works at an advertising agency as an art director, engages in some artistic time travel, incorporating contemporary figures into templates of "Mad Men"-era imagery. The results are enough to make any design aficionado or pop culture addict smile from ear to ear.

In styles ranging from paper propaganda to women's magazine spreads, musicians including Kanye, Beyonce, Drake and Outkast take center stage in popping retro colors. Whether it's Nirvana telling us to "Come as you are" or Daft Punk humbly suggesting we "Get lucky," the clever ad appropriations are so inherently catchy it's almost impossible not to hum along. If you're in the zone for more throwback ad goodness, check out Taschen's collection, "Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era." Spoiler alert: Kanye's not in those.