David Roberts And Steve Everley Debate Our Energy Future (VIDEO)

WATCH: David Roberts And Steve Everley Debate Our Energy Future

UPDATE: Scroll down for highlights from the debate, edited by HuffPost's Ben Craw, with the full exchange available below that. Be sure to tune in for our next in the HuffPost Spotlight Series On Energy when Stewart Brand and Erich Pica debate nuclear energy on November 16th at 2PM EST.

With climate legislation stalled, fierce debates over the implications of cap and trade, and international climate negotiations stagnant it's hard to know what will can and should become of America's energy future. Energy politics can often be complex and confusing, so we are bringing together two experts to answer tough questions about the path forward. Are political solutions possible in the next year? What should average citizens do to work towards a cleaner future? What leaders have the best ideas?

David Roberts covers energy politics for Grist.org, which is an online hub for green news and commentary. His work has also appeared in Fast Company, The New York Times And Vanity Fair. Steve Everley is the manager of policy research at American Solutions, Newt Gingrich's think tank.

On November 9th at 2PM EST, Roberts and Everley will debate, "After so many political failures on energy, where should we go from here?" We are looking forward to a spirited exchange between two experts with differing views.

We are now taking your questions! If you'd like to submit a question in advance on the debate, you can submit it below. Or you can ask a question live here or on twitter during the debate using the hashtag, #hpenergydebate.

WATCH Highlights:

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