David Rosa Vote: GOP Congressional Candidate Turned Away From The Polls

Republican congressional candidate David Rosa was turned away from the polls on Tuesday because a database said that he had already voted, according to his campaign.

The campaign said in an email to press that his son, David L. Rosa II, was classified as Rosa, Sr., when he mailed in a ballot, making the actual Rosa, Sr., come up as having already voted. He was instead asked to submit a provisional ballot -- which are given to voters when there are questions regarding their eligibility and are voted after election day -- but turned it down.

"I am disappointed that I can not vote this morning," Rosa said in a statement. "I will be here until I can cast a ballot. This election is too important for any vote to be discounted due to error."

Rosa is running in the largely Democratic 20th District of Texas, which includes parts of San Antonio. The seat is up for grabs after longtime Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas) announced his retirement, but Democratic candidate Joaquín Castro -- the brother of San Antonio mayor and Democratic National Convention keynote speaker Julián Castro -- is heavily favored to win.

UPDATE: 12:10 p.m. -- Rosa's campaign emailed reporters to say he decided to cast a provisional ballot after all, meaning it won't be counted until after election day.



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