David Schwimmer Finally Ends Debate On Whether A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

Ross has spoken.

If there's anyone who's an authority on sandwiches, it's David Schwimmer.

One of the most memorable episodes of "Friends," Season 5's "The One with Ross's Sandwich," deals with Ross's unrequited love for a turkey sandwich that gets eaten by a coworker. (We've all been there, dude.) The actor is also now on the new AMC show "Feed the Beast," the story of best friends opening a gourmet restaurant. (There's also a lot of dark comedy and organized crime, but the point is the show has nice-looking food.)

So what does Mr. Schwimmer say to the big hot dog debate? The question has been raised over and over again on the Internet, and now Schwimmer may have finally answered it once and for all: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

"I would say, 'No,' because the bread is joined," said Schwimmer. "I define a sandwich as two pieces of bread with stuff between it, so I would say, 'No.' That's why I wouldn't say a lobster roll is a sandwich. A lobster roll is a roll."

Ross has spoken.

In addition to his sandwich knowledge, Schwimmer also brushed up on his wine skills to play a sommelier in his new show. On the role, Schwimmer said, "I really loved the character, first and foremost. My heart really went out to this guy, Tommy -- the place he’s in. He's a broken, flawed guy, who's a good guy, I think just in a really bad situation."

Schwimmer said the mix of the dark comedy, violent crime and food was something he hasn't seen before. "I thought it was so cool, and I thought, 'Wow, if we can pull this off, it'll be special.' I was up to the challenge of that."

But is Schwimmer up for the challenge of hot dog truthers? After considering how a hoagie roll has bread that's connected, much like a hot dog's, the actor added that "maybe" his frankfurter classification was wrong. But, if there's anything we know, it's that you don't argue with Ross about a sandwich.

"Feed the Beast" airs Sunday, June 5, on AMC.

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