David Schwimmer Hasn't Seen The Viral Video Of Him Saying 'Juice'

He doesn't have time these days for your viral videos.

After only the first four episodes of "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" aired, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian had already said the word "Juice" over 30 times.

This feat may not have been immediately noticeable to you while casually watching the show the first time around. In context, Kardashian saying the word "Juice" made sense as it's the nickname of his best friend, Simpson. But watch him repeat "Juice" over and over again in the "Juice" mashup video that went viral last February, and Schwimmer saying "Juice" will likely turn your brain to pulp.

Despite the virality of this video, however, Schwimmer claimed to The Huffington Post that he has yet to see it himself.

"I didn't," said Schwimmer of the mashup, adding, "I've heard about it."

He blamed missing the video on the intense shooting schedule for his latest show, "Feed the Beast," which HuffPost recently had a conversation with him about.

Still, Schwimmer believes he will seek out the video soon. "I'm sure I'll find it easily when I'm done shooting," Schwimmer said. 

It is currently unclear whether he went against this statement and found time to watch the video after HuffPost brought it to his attention last Friday. Unfortunately, no members of the HuffPost staff are close friends with the actor and therefore couldn't follow up on his weekend YouTube usage.

Here's the video for those who also haven't seen Schwimmer saying "Juice" again and again ... and again:

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