David Schwimmer Might Regret Letting His 5-Year-Old Try Beer

"If I turn my back, she'll be chugging it."

Like father, like daughter? 

David Schwimmer visited "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Wednesday and shared a story about his 5-year-old daughter Cleo's developing taste buds.

The "Friends" actor stars in a new AMC series, "Feed The Beast," in which he plays a sommelier, struggling with alcohol abuse, who hopes to open a restaurant with his friend, who was recently released from jail. While doing some "research" for the role at home, Schwimmer allowed his daughter to have a sip of wine upon her request. 

"Listen ... I don't know how the other parents are out there," he said, "but when I pour myself a glass of wine that my wife and I have over dinner and my daughter says, 'Can I try that?' I thought, 'Well, if you start saying no then they're just going to want it more.' So, I thought 'Yeah, all right. Go ahead, sweetie. Have a sip.' And luckily she was like, 'Blah! No!'"

Cleo, instead, took a liking to another one of dad's adult drinks: beer. According to Schwimmer, she now "loves" it and will take swigs when her parents aren't looking. Clearly, he's not too thrilled about it.

He added, "If I have a beer out, I have to watch it, because if I turn my back, she'll be chugging it."

Kids do the darndest things, huh? 

Watch Schwimmer's full interview with Meyers above. 



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