David Shuster Attacks Fox News Over Obama's Buses: You're 'Unhinged' (VIDEO)

David Shuster Fills In For Olbermann, Attacks Fox News

David Shuster tore into Fox News for portraying two new buses purchased by the Secret Service as wasteful spending by President Obama.

Filling in for Keith Olbermann on Tuesday's "Countdown," Shuster defended the Secret Service's purchase of new $1.1 million buses. He reported that the buses -- which are armored and equipped with classified technology -- would save taxpayers' money and eventually pay for itself, in lieu of having to lease and retrofitting buses every four years.

Shuster ripped into Fox News' Sean Hannity, who had called President Obama out for his three-day tour of the Midwest a "waste your tax dollars" and the new buses "a $1.1 million luxury liner." Shuster criticized Fox News' failure to ask the Secret Service about the buses, blasting, "Is it that old Fox News playbook again of not asking questions, because the answer will undermine right wing talking points?"

Shuster also tore into Eric Bolling, who had criticized the cost of the Midwest tour. He stressed, "Eric, let me speak a bit more slowly so YOU understand this."

He ordered Hannity and Bolling to apologize to President Obama and the Secret Service, saying, "For you to smear President Obama over a vehicle that the Secret Service purchased and deployed to protect him and save taxpayer money shows just how unhinged you have become."

Shuster's role as Olbermann's guest host is his first since he left MSNBC in 2010.


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