David Shuster: I'm Not Returning To MSNBC [UPDATE: Shuster Denies Report]

UPDATE: In a statement to The Huffington Post, Shuster writes, "I have made nothing official... I was never asked and never said (nor would I) if I am leaving MSNBC. That's not a conversation I will have until my contract ends with MSNBC in December. People are free to surmise whatever they want based on my sabbatical. But fishbowldc always masquerades their uninformed speculation as 'fact.' And it is simply not fair and not accurate."


David Shuster has made it official: he's not coming back to MSNBC.

Shuster was suspended from the network in April after it emerged that he had filmed a pilot for CNN while still under contract with MSNBC.

FishbowlDC's Betsy Rothstein ran into him at a gala and he told her that he will not return to MSNBC at all. Shuster's contract with the network runs out in December.

Shuster also got into trouble with MSNBC in 2008 after he infamously accused Hillary Clinton of "pimping out" her daughter Chelsea.

Shuster also told Rothstein that he is getting his master's degree at Georgetown. Sources told her he is looking for a new job. "He recently contacted a Washington bureau chief of a TV network," Rothstein wrote. "He wants to apply for a position, even one that has him broadcasting online."