David Shuster: GOP "Going Nuts" For Teabagging, But They "Need A Dick Armey"

David Shuster: GOP "Going Nuts" For Teabagging, But They "Need A Dick Armey"

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Media Monitor Julie notes that making fun of the Tax Day Teabaggings is not just for Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox anymore, and sends along a clip from last night's Countdown, in which David Shuster and Lawrence O'Donnell trotted out their own teabagging material for the MSNBC audience. They had the natural advantage of being familiar with the equipment used in a good teabagging -- steeped in it, if you will -- but the resulting conversation...well, let's just say that it proved somehow even more unsubtle that the Maddow/Cox version, thanks to the use of words like: "lick," "teabag mouthpieces," "nutshell," "uprising," "firm," and "David Vitter" who has "tight lips." It just goes on and on. And yes, props for this line, David Shuster:

And in Cavuto's defense, if you are planning simultaneous tea bagging all around the country, you're going to need a Dick Armey.

Also, O'Donnell has a number of very well thought out points about how this "teabagging" movement is, at its core, ridiculously incoherent in its politics.

Anyway, now the stage has been set for Chris Matthews to attempt to claim teabag supremacy.


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