Salon's David Sirota To Don Lemon: If Majority Of Mass Shooters Wasn't White, 'Conversation Would Be Much Uglier' (VIDEO)

CNN Panelist: This Conversation Could Be Much Uglier

Salon writer David Sirota appeared on Don Lemon's CNN show on Saturday to discuss that the majority of mass shooters in the United States have been white.

In Sirota's recent article titled "Time To Profile White Men?" the Salon writer argued that nuanced conversations that grew out of the tragic Newtown shootings on mental health and gun control is due to the race of the shooter.

He wrote, "But the point here is that those tempered and nuanced conversations are only able to happen because the demographic at the center of it all is white guys."

Speaking with CNN's Don Lemon, Sirota said, "I think we should ask the question why is America 30 percent white guys, and 70 percent of the shootings in the last many decades have been at the hands of white guys ... I do think it's interesting to note that had 70 percent of mass shooters been let's say Arab or African-American men, I think the conversation would be ... much uglier."

Lemon summarized one of the points Sirota made in his recent article. "If the suspect or the shooter was a black male [he'd be labeled as a] thug; Muslim, [a] terrorist," Lemon said.

"Yeah," Sirota said. "And and I think that it's good we're having a nuanced conversation about all sorts of things -- mental illness, gun control -- but I hope that the next time something bad happens ... that if it's not a white guy, that we remember that we shouldn't ascribe to entire groups ... the bad actions of individuals. Because we're not doing that right now, and I'm not saying that we should, but I think we should remember that the reason we're not, is because it's a form of white privilege."

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