Former 'SNL' Colleagues Heckle David Spade During Monologue On 'Lights Out'

Norm Macdonald, Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon gave their pal the business in a Weekend Update reunion.

David Spade faced a tough crowd Monday during his monologue on “Lights Out.”

The Comedy Central host reunited with former Weekend Update anchors Norm Macdonald, Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon from “Saturday Night Live.” But the joke was on Spade when he tried to get through his routine.

Before he could even get started, Nealon blurted out, “Is that what you’re wearing?” Then his fellow “SNL” alums interrupted him during bits about Snoop Dogg, Billy Dee Williams, Pat Sajak and more.

But the host left a one-liner “in the chamber” to fire at the hilariously intrusive Macdonald at the end.

When the four of them got down to reminiscing, Spade recalled a time he was playing comedian Yakov Smirnoff in his first Weekend Update segment. Spade, who had pasted on facial hair for the part, said he was thrilled to finally appear but still had to make it through the final cut just minutes before the live show.

So Spade waited anxiously while the decision makers huddled in a meeting. Then the door opened and...

Learn how Miller delivered the news to Spade in the segment above.

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