David Spade Thinks President Obama Is Too 'Thirsty' For Attention

"I thought a president should have a little more dignity."

David Spade has criticized President Barack Obama for being a little too "thirsty" for the spotlight.

In a new video posted by TMZ on Sunday, the comedian voices his opinion about the president and first lady appearing on reality TV, magazine covers and talk shows. ("Michelle Obama's on 'Ellen' more than I am," Spade notes.)

"What president is doing reality shows?" Spade asks in the clip, adding, "I thought a president should have a little more dignity [than that]."

He also criticizes Obama's recent GQ magazine cover, saying that the president should "leave that to Bradley Cooper" because, as POTUS, he's already "above all of us."

In general, Spade considers the Obamas "a bit thirsty" for his own tastes, but admits that we're just living in a different time.

"It's just a new world. I'm not used to it. It just seems a bit thirsty for me, that's all," he says. "I think they're going to do fine, but they're plotting [for] after the White House."

His final words of wisdom to POTUS?

"All right, guy. Relax, you got it."

This is the second time this month the comedian has criticized Obama. On Dec. 14, Spade shared a tweet with his followers wondering "wtf" the president was doing on Bear Grylls' reality show.

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