David Truscott, Naked Cow Manure Fetishist, Transferred From Hospital To Prison

A man who has a habit of rolling around naked in cow manure has been transferred from a British mental hospital to a prison.

David Truscott, 44, has served three jail sentences as a result of his bizarre fetish. He also has admitted threatening to kill a farmer and his family after they tried to ban him from going onto their land.

At one point, the farmer, Clive Ross, tried to deter Truscott from getting naked in the muck spreader by cleaning it. Truscott retaliated by setting the farm on fire, according to the Exeter Express and Echo newspaper.

Truscott is autistic, but Judge Francis Gilbert at Exeter Crown Court decided to transfer the suspect from a mental hospital to a prison after reading a report from a doctor who is treating him.

The suspect is being sent to Exeter Prison and will be sentenced next year, the BBC reported. Depending of the verdict, Truscott could be sent to jail or mental hospital to serve his sentence.

Truscott's fetish first came to light in 2004 when he told a court he got sexual pleasure from stripping down to his waist in manure for sexual reasons.

Starting in 2005, he repeatedly violated Ross' muck spreader, despite being aware it bothered the farmer and his family.

At one point, police searched Truscott's home and found 360 pairs of women's underwear and containers of liquid sludge and hard mud, the Mirror reported.

Truscott has been jailed twice for breaching a restraining order and for violating a restraining order designed to prevent him from going onto the farm to roll in the cow patties, the BBC reported in May. Each time he was released, he kept returning to the farm.

Truscott's peccadilloes are so strange that even his former lawyers admit he's not like other guys.

Truscott's former attorney Michael Melville-Shreeve told a court in 2005 that his client was a "sad, isolated, peculiar man with peculiar habits'' who ''definitely needed help," the Telegraph reported in 2009.



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