Bible Video Game Will Tell The Story of King David's Meteoric And Often Violent Rise To Power

Business-wise, it's not a bad idea. If Christian rock bands like P.O.D. and Creed can release multi-platinum records, and Mel Gibson can make more than $600 million off The Passion of the Christ, why can't Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg make a successful video game based on the Bible?

"We know a bunch of pastors, quite a bit of them, that are gamers themselves," Ruben said. "I think that negative stigma is mostly gone, and now people want something that will be high quality. I think it's more that Christian games have been flopping and people go, 'Please, don't give me another one of those.' Even Christians. It's not that they don't want a Christian game, they just don't want another bad Christian game. I think the bar for Christian games is higher than for games in general."

The Bible Game: David will be more like recent indie hits Limbo or Braid. They resemble the original Super Mario Bros. (and Bible Adventures) in form, but establish a much more involved story and engrossing mood with high production values and clever mechanics.

Players will control David in his journey to becoming King. He'll be able to run and jump around on a 2D plane, but in a 3D environment, so threats can approach from the background and foreground. In the first chapter, for example, players will have to avoid wild animals and Philistine raiding parties as David makes his way back to his hometown of Bethlehem. In order to maintain the connection with the original story, pressing the pause button at any time will tell you what chapter you're playing.

Rick Warren, the pastor at the Saddleback Church that the twins attend, gave them his blessing, saying it's "a game-changer for families and gamers alike."

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