David Vitter Ducks Question On Interracial Couple (VIDEO)

Earlier this month, Louisiana Justice of Peace Keith Bardwell refused to perform a marriage for an interracial couple, on the grounds that society has a problem "accepting a child from such marriage." Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) called for Bardwell's removal immediately following the incident; however, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has been noticeably silent on the matter.

Blogger-activist Mike Stark pressed Vitter on the Judge Bardwell's widely-condemned actions Tuesday, saying, "I've read that you are the only senior official from Louisiana not to have commented on the judge that refused to marry an inter-racial couple."

The Louisiana Senator dismissively responded, "I don't think that's the case," and walked into an elevator.

Stark says, "Vitter looked at me and smiled, silently... and waited for the elevator doors to close."

UPDATE: David Vitter's office released a comment on Judge Bardwell's controversial decision Wednesday afternoon. A spokesman for the senator told Greg Sargent that Vitter thinks "judges should follow the law."

First, Sen. Vitter thinks that all judges should follow the law as written and not make it up as they go along. Second, it would be amazing for anyone to do a story based on this fringe, left-wing political hack's blog -- he's been handcuffed and detained in the past over his guerrilla tactics.

WATCH Stark's video:

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