David Vitter Thinks Rachel Maddow Doesn't Look Like A Woman

David Vitter Thinks Rachel Maddow Doesn't Look Like A Woman

Greg Sargent captures Louisiana Senator and prostitute enthusiast David Vitter in a moment of what passes for jocularity in the Vitterverse, on Rush Radio 99.5 in New Orleans.

At issue: MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's femininity (relative to the women Vitter pays to have sex with him, presumably).

MALE HOST: I wonder if Senator Vitter is ever going to post, like, maybe the video of the first time he was on the floor of the Senate. If I have to show the way I looked the first time I was on TV, you should do that too.

VITTER: We should go further back than that, how about high school yearbook?

MALE HOST: Oh yeah.

VITTER: De La Salle marching band.

MALE HOST: That'd be cool. Well you know, with Rachel Maddow they had that picture of her...

FEMALE HOST: Looking like a woman.

MALE HOST: Yeah it was really bizarre.

VITTER: [LAUGHS]: Must have been a long time ago.


Let's get Dave Weigel up in here!

Must have been! Anyway, no word yet on what age Rachel Maddow would have to be before he'd consider not employing someone who had assaulted and slashed her face to head up his office's "women's issues" initiatives.

UPDATE: Vitter scrawled out an apology to Maddow. (Then I'm guessing he just looked at himself in the mirror for about an hour, weeping.)

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