David Wood Talks About Beyond The Battlefield On NPR's Fresh Air

"It's so tragic to see these young men and women struggling not only to master prosthetic legs, for example, but to try to fight their way through the fog that descends into your brain when you have a brain injury like that."
--David Wood, speaking to Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air.

David Wood, the senior Military Correspondent for the Huffington Post, was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air on October 13. Wood is the author o f "Beyond The Battlefield", a 10-part series on the Huffington Post exploring the challenges that severely wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan face after they return home, as well as what those struggles mean for those close to them.

Click the player below to listen to the interview or visit NPR's site to read excerpts from it.

Below, a video in the series focusing on Tyler Southern, who lost both of his legs and his right arm because of an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. This video shows how he fell in love, made his father proud and is putting his body and life back together.