After Sharing Bloody Image Online, Man Sues Mississippi Cops For Alleged ‘Brutal’ Attack

Davidtron Logan claims he was beaten with flashlights, choked and punched by a group of officers after being detained at a roadblock stop last year.

A graphic photograph of a man whose face is bloodied and swollen circulated on social media last year after his lawyer shared it on his Facebook page. The attorney, Carlos Moore, claimed at the time that his client Davidtron Logan had been “beaten while in handcuffs” by Mississippi police.

(The image below is graphic. Reader discretion is advised.)

Logan has since filed suit against the group of officers over the alleged attack, WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi, reported. According to his complaint, filed in Mississippi federal court last week, officers of the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department and Water Valley Police Department “brutally attacked” Logan after detaining him last July 18 following a roadblock stop.

The Oxford Eagle reported in August that Logan had been asked to pull over by police who suspected him of driving with a suspended license. The complaint states that “multiple officers” ― identified only as “John Does 1-6” in the suit ―  approached Logan, who is Black, after he stepped out of his car. The officers assumed Logan “would run away so they attacked him,” the suit contends.

Logan, who was unarmed, was then handcuffed, but the officers continued to beat him “with their flashlights, pushing, choking, punching, and striking him,” the lawsuit says, adding that officers later used a stun gun on Logan.

The officers eventually called an ambulance to take Logan to a hospital, the suit adds.

Though the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department and Water Valley Police Department have yet to comment publicly on the lawsuit, Yalobusha Sheriff W.F. Humphreys said last year that Logan’s retelling of events was “not the truth.”

Humphreys said an officer had found drugs in Logan’s car and that he’d try to flee. 

“When he got to the checkpoint, Mr. Logan told the deputies he didn’t have a driver’s license,” Humphreys told the Oxford Eagle. “So, they told him to go ahead and get out of the vehicle. The deputy who found the narcotics walked up and said ‘I found this,’ and at that point Logan took off running.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Humphreys said the officers did use a stun gun on Logan but did not beat him. 

“That’s not even close to what happened,” Humphreys said. 

The officers involved in the incident were white, AP reported, quoting the sheriff.

Logan was later charged with driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest, two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of the controlled substance ecstasy. He is reportedly seeking $1 million in damages from the two law enforcement agencies.

His attorney said Logan sustained three fractures to his face and will have “double vision for the rest of his life” because of the injuries. 

“What happened to Mr. Logan was unconscionable in a civilized society and I plan to fight with every fiber in my body to get him justice,” Moore told the Eagle last year.