What It Will Take To Get Women's Equality In 2016

The head of the U.N. Council of Women World Leaders has some unique ideas.

Laura Liswood, secretary general of the United Nations' Council of Women World Leaders, has an unconventional way of looking at the glass ceiling.

"I just think it's a thick layer of men," she said Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Issues of gender inequality are obvious to everyone, but finding a solution is trickier, Liswood told The Huffington Post's Caroline Modaressy-Tehrani.

"You have to bring them to scale, you have to maybe reallocate resources, you're certainly readjusting power structures," Liswood said.

Liswood has proposed using quotas to ensure that women are well-represented in government and the corporate sphere.

There has been progress in advancing equality, Liswood said. She noted the growing number of discussions on the topic at Davos -- and that more women actually appear on those panels.

But it won't be enough to just have women present, Liswood said. These messages have to reach men too, particularly those who have daughters.

"We have to get the men engaged in this," she said.

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