The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Had Davos Being The Grammar Police For The Last Time

Bronn called out Ser Davos as the "Master of Grammar" and we want that title on a T-shirt, tbh.

Haven’t seen the “Game of Thrones” finale? Avoid spoilers and click away now.

Years of battles have not wiped Ser Davos Seaworth of his sass.

The newly minted Master of Ships met with the small council he is now part of for King Bran the Broken in the series finale of “Game of Thrones” and hilariously bickered with Ser Bronn of the Blackwater for one last time.

When Davos quips that Bronn, who is now the Master of Coin, is also “Lord of Lofty Titles” while asking for money to rebuild an armada and ports, Bronn dishes back: “The Master of Coin looks forward to helping the Master of Ships, but first he has to ensure we’re not wasting coin or soon there won’t be no more coin.”

In response, Davos says, “Any more,” leading Bronn to fire back: “You Master of Grammar now, too?”

The moment is a callback to Stannis Baratheon, whom Davos used to serve. Over the course of a few seasons, Stannis corrected the grammar of others. 

When Davos, who began the series as illiterate, learned to read, he followed in Stannis’ footsteps and corrected others’ grammar. In one exchange, Davos did so with Jon Snow, noting that he should use “fewer” instead of “less,” a nod to a mistake he himself made with Stannis in an earlier season.

Fans seem to love the inclusion of grammar as a fixation in the series and noted the moment on Twitter: