Heartbreak Is Rough, And No One Had It Worse Than This Guy

"I'm an artist, torture is a prerequisite," Dawson Leery once said, perhaps to cheer himself up. Because through his multiple breakups, constant over-analyzing and really bad luck, Dawson goes down in history as the most heartbroken character of all time.

Here's why:

Just as his formative teen years began, a hot blonde moved to Capeside and started dating Dawson. But before their romance could really begin, she dumped him.

His heart started to heal, but then he found out his mom was cheating on his dad.
dawsons creek parents

Just when he realized Joey was his soulmate, Joey was like, "But Dawson, I want to go to Paris!"
joey paris

Well, Joey didn't end up going to Paris, but she did end up ditching Dawson for the ever-so-handsome new kid in town, Jack McPhee.
jack mcphee

Then Dawson's parents -- his perfect, wonderful parents -- got divorced.

Dawson finally got distracted by a mysterious new girl, which gave his best friend Pacey a chance to get a lot closer to Joey.
pacey and joey

Then Joey was like, "Sorry Dawson, I'm spending the summer on a boat with Pacey."
joey and pacey boat

Which meant that Dawson lost his soulmate and his best friend. Rough.
lonely dawson

Then, on the same day Joey got into the school of her dreams, Dawson got rejected from NYU ... the school of his dreams!
dawson and joey

Dawson ended up going to USC, which was great, until he dropped out and moved to Boston to be with Joey. But the timing just wasn't right ... again.
dawson and joey

Then, right after a big father-son fight, Dawson's dad died in a car accident.
mitch car accident

Dawson finally headed back to LA, where he fell for an actress in a movie he was working on. But she cheated on him.

Sure, Dawson got to live out his dreams of being a famous filmmaker. But Joey and Pacey ended up together, and Dawson ended up completely, utterly alone.
joey and pacey finale

Really, is it any wonder that this happened?

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