Dax Shepard Notices An Eerie Similarity Between Trump And Robert Durst

Watching “The Jinx” was less stressful than the debate.

America watched Monday as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage for the first presidential debate. Lucky for us, Dax Shepard decided to live-tweet it.

Along with pointing out the absurdity of Trump’s climate change denial and possible tax evasion, Shepard also noted what he thinks is an uncanny similarity between Trump and alleged killer Robert Durst.

Durst, the heir of a New York City real estate fortune, burped his way to infamy in the finale of HBO’s “The Jinx” last year when he was pressed with evidence against him for the murders of his wife Kathleen McCormack Durst and longtime friend Susan Berman.

Trump sniffled his way through Monday night’s debate while going toe-to-toe with Clinton. (The Washington Post counted 37 sniffles.)  Whether those sniffles are a sign of deception, stress or a seasonal cold is unclear.

And while Durst was caught on camera saying “I killed them all, of course,” Trump likely won’t own up to his falsehoods



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