Day Care Workers Fired After Encouraging Toddlers To Fight (VIDEO)

Day Care Workers Fired After Encouraging Toddlers To Fight (VIDEO)

Two Ohio day care workers were fired after video surfaced of the adults watching two toddlers fight and even encouraging the behavior.

The incident was caught on both a surveillance camera at Stepping Stones Daycare Center in Columbus, Ohio, and cell phone video taken by the workers, WBNS reported.

The video shows two 3-year-old toddlers -- a boy and girl -- hitting each other while two female day care teachers can be heard taunting the children to keep fighting, one teacher yelling out "get him back!"

"You a cry baby," a teacher can be heard saying in the video. "Cry baby, cry baby. Crying to yourself."

ABC 6 reports that although the video surfaced Aug. 26th, the incident took place on Aug. 3rd. The two workers were fired the following day, a lawyer for the day care told the station.

Surveillance video shows the two workers sitting idly by while they film the children fighting. At one point, one of the women can be seen sitting up, presumably to get a closer shot of the fight.

When WBNS reached out to the canned workers for comment last week, one of the women said she declined to intervene because she "didn't want to get in the middle of it" and "didn't want to get injured" by the two small children.

The other worker said she had told the children to stop fighting.

An assistant manager at the day care told WFMY that the parents of the children were immediately contacted following the incident.

"Both the teachers that we caught doing this were both terminated, so they no longer work here," she said. "We reported it to licensing so they were aware of everything that was happening as well."

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