A Day In The Life Of A Pregnant Heroin Addict: ‘I Chose To Put Drugs Above Everything Else’

A Day In The Life Of A Pregnant Heroin Addict: ‘I Chose To Put Drugs Above Everything Else’

Two years ago, Niki and her boyfriend Jessey moved to Florida where they say they now exist day-to-day, chasing their addictions to heroin and crack cocaine.

The couple says they are currently staying in a vacant apartment. They say they have electricity, indoor plumbing, and a lock on the door, which an eight months’ pregnant Niki says is a step up from some of the abandoned buildings they’ve occupied.

Watch the video above as cameras document Niki and Jessey during a typical day, including searching for drugs and getting high.

“I blame myself for the way I live now,” says Niki in the video above. She says she uses about a gram of heroin every day. “I chose to give up everything, and I chose to put drugs above everything else.”

She says she also chooses not to ask anyone for help. “I just try to ignore and not even speak to my family, so they don’t have to see me this way.” She says she hopes there’s more to her life “than just doing drugs.”

Niki’s mom, Sharon, and her sister, Sammantha, say they are desperate for Dr. Phil to help Niki get clean. But Dr. Phil wants to know if he can he count on them to be strong and do what he asks of them in the fight ahead? Both women say they are willing to do whatever it takes to help Niki, but in the video above, Sammantha breaks down in tears when she sees how her sister lives.

Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday to see how Niki and her boyfriend Jessey survive. And on Friday’s show, learn whether Niki is willing to accept Dr. Phil’s offer of treatment. Check here to see where you can watch.

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