Daylight Saving Time: <em>Your</em> Reasons To Look On The Bright Side

There's always some fuss come Daylight Saving Time -- some feel the effects of losing sleep, while others simply can't remember to turn their clocks ahead -- but this year there's quite a bit of animosity surrounding the bi-annual event. Americans are petitioning for the eradication of the day all together, and there's even an "I hate Daylight Savings Time" Facebook page with more than 2,000 likes illustrating a decided dislike of the day.

There are, of course, some valid reasons to feel grouchy toward DST: The time change poses some serious health risks for the many Americans who will suffer from sleep deprivation as they turn their clocks ahead (studies have even linked the lost hour to increased heart attack and accident risk immediately following the shift).

And yet, no matter your stance, there is only one thing you can control about the day, at least for this year. And that's your reaction to it.

In that spirit, we're choosing to look on the bright side: We asked you on Facebook and Twitter to tell us one good thing about turning the clock forward, and you delivered. See some of our favorite reasons to celebrate the change below, then tweet @HealthyLiving with your #DSTbrightside and we'll add you to our slideshow.

The literal bright side.
Photo: Zen Roxy/flickr

"More sunshine."
-- Angela Stewart

"More daylight after work."
-- Rusty Ennemoser

Joy rides.
Photo: Natalia Lewis/flickr

"Not having to drive home work in the dark!"
-- @WhatVicLikes

Good old vitamin D.
vitamin d
Photo: Shutterstock

"The reduction in SAD."
-- @goddass

"Looking forward to more sunshine (Vitamin D!)"
-- @HuffPostCeleb

Dining alfresco.
eating outside
Photo: .kim./flickr
"Longer days! Happy hours with patios! Summer is around the corner!"
-- @KatieJackson07

"It means summer is coming and BBQs and swimming and outdoor activities and all around no more gray weather!"
-- @CherylandLiz

Knowing that spring is nigh!
Photo: Francisco DR/flickr

"I can't wait for daylight savings time and for the arrival of Spring!"
-- Shirley Cohen

"Spring (warmer weather)."
-- Chico LA Williams

"More light and new opportunities with spring around the corner!"
-- @heartsgivevoice

Outdoor joy.
Photo: Corey Templeton/flickr
farmers market

"Outdoor concerts and festivals! Nothing like sunshine, friends, good music, and fresh air."
-- @totalknockoff

"Soon the tennis nets will be up outdoors."
-- @csinmichigan

"Longer sunset cruises on Lake Michigan. Wonderful!!!"
-- @rgspol

"An extra hour of light for golf."
-- @Jared_Ferrel

Sunset sweat sessions.
outdoor exercise
Photo: Shutterstock

"Enough light in the evenings to get out and walk, bike, or start getting the garden ready for spring!"
-- Denise Helberg Snider

"It's light out later so I can hit the beach at 8 p.m. and not be eaten by sharks feeding in the dark, lol."
-- @gr8ful_Jennifer

"Run at night instead of early in the morning!
-- Martha Brown

"I'll be able to bike after work soon."
-- Michelle Diane Arens

Catching the sunrise.
Photo: missgeok/flickr

"Getting to see a sunrise!"
-- Margaret Marks

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article referred to pushing the clock back, instead of forward.

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