The Days of Awe

Did you know that we are in the Days of Awe? I recently learned that the ten days between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are called "Days of Awe" - Yamim Noraim (Days of Repentance).

In my research, I've discovered that these special days are designated as days of repentance and atonement, promoting serious introspection and reconciliation. It is customary to consider people who we may have hurt, injured, or mistreated in some way and seek their forgiveness bringing harmony into both lives.

The Days of Awe give us pause for a very important awareness and action. I call these the "3 R's" - Reflection, Reconciliation, and Reaching out.

Reflection: Set aside some time during these days for honest contemplation. Take into your inner feeling and identify any one that you may have hurt or maybe someone who has hurt you in some way. Maybe you said something years ago or someone said something to you throwing a heavy burden with a long time grudge. Perhaps you contributed to or are suffering and have resentments of a broken marriage, or alienation from family members, maybe even for good reason. You are looking for any person that is standing between you and that "peaceful easy feeling" that you experience when all is in accord.

Reconciliation: After identifying the particular person/persons, you will want to make amends for yourself. You need to release old grievances and old thought patterns supporting these umbrages. Even though you may be proven right in a court of law, validating your actions, you need to release damaging feelings that may gnaw away at you consciously or subconsciously. You need to be able to move on with an honest and well-meaning heart.

Reaching Out: Whether you are the "forgiver" or "forgivee" it is never easy, bringing old wounds to the surface. To reach out asking forgiveness or accepting forgiveness pushes you right out of your comfort zone, where true life begins. Reconciliation and atonement are tough classes in this "School of Life".

There are many options for you in reaching out, depending upon the severity of the particular transgression. Contact may be in person, by phone, in a letter or even social media for lesser transgressions. I know social media gets a bad rap invading your personal time and privacy, but social media also offers baby steps to communication. "Friend" someone, forward a joke, send a joke, or comment. Whatever method you choose, follow through with the extending the hand of friendship and peace building harmony in the Universe.

If you take a page out of our Jewish brethren's book using the "Days of Awe", with reflection, reconciliation, and reaching out, you will be able to truly celebrate Rosh Hashanah, no matter what religion you may be - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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