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"Never complain, never explain." -- Dorothy Parker

This is a fantastic mantra to remember while you're engaged in the journey of following your dreams. It takes discipline not to complain or explain yourself but it's very well worth it.

1. Complaining is so easy, especially when life doesn't reflect your desires. And, since most people complain, it's also a way of connecting with others and sharing your burdens. BUT it's also poisonous. Your words seep into your blood and bring you down. Instantly. You may not notice at first, as the shift is subtle, but when you come to do something that requires lots of positive energy: writing a chapter, calling an agent, creating a business plan, designing your website, reaching out to prospective clients... you'll find you don't have the energy and enthusiasm you need. So, complaining, however tempting, comes at a great cost.

2. When you're starting out in your endeavors people will ask you what you're up to. When you tell them, the nice ones will nod and smile and wish you well. The negative ones, however, will ask you more questions designed to get you second- guessing yourself. You'll probably feel the need to explain/defend yourself. Don't do it!

Complaining undermines your passion and joy for life. Explaining yourself undermines! your self-belief. To succeed at anything you need oodles of passion and truck-loads of self-belief. So watch what you say because your words matter more than you might realize. We drink our words -- like the potion that made Alice shrink -- and they empower or diminish us. So choose them carefully!