Days of Inspiration for the New Year!

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"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong." -- Ella Fitzgerald

I believe in love and inspiration. I believe in passion and true desire. I believe that if a person follows the gentle urging of their heart then they'll find success doing what they want to do. Now, it might take many years and it might not bring great riches, but then that isn't the point. Wanting to be wealthy is quite a separate thing from wanting to do the thing you love. Babe Ruth said he'd have played baseball for food stamps, he simply loved doing it more than anything else. I feel the same way about writing. And, if that's how you feel about whatever it is you really want to do, then you can't go wrong.

My new book, Dress Shop of Dreams is out today, which is lovely. It's gotten some really sweet reviews, which is lovely. But it hasn't hit the bestseller list. It hasn't made me rich. So it's very lucky that I wasn't expecting it to. It's very lucky that I write because I love to write. I write because doing so fills me with love and inspiration. And, if you do that, you can't go far wrong...