Blinding DAZER LASER To Replace Police Tasers? (VIDEO)

Police in the Northwest are considering a new tool for law enforcement. It's called the "Dazer Laser" and is being hailed as a relatively safe method of neutralizing a suspect by temporarily blinding them, Seattle's King 5 reports.

While guns, tasers and pepper spray--all of which are used by police--can cause physical pain and damage, the Dazer Laser emits a "modulating pool of green light" that "temporarily blind[s] and disorient[s] a suspect." According to King 5, the weapon does not cause damage to the eyes, even at close range.

Those promoting the Dazer Laser claim that it is effective from as close as three feet and as far away as a mile-and-a-half.

The potential police tool would not be sold to the public and would "require a security code to activate," explains King 5.

Check out the video (below) for more details. Or click here for the full story.


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