D.C. Buzzes While Millions of Babies Die

Get caught in the buzz in DC and you get caught with a lot of swarming bees that don't really sting. Washington conventional wisdom is about Delay, filibusters, someone (or two) resigning from the Supreme Court in the next few hours, who’s up and sideways, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s an interesting fact: four million children die each year around the world within one week of being born. Three million (yes, 3,000,000) babies could be saved within the first 24 hours of being born if they had proper sanitation, clean water, nutrition. Simple things. Things that cost less than $10-$20 per kid. There are some good ways to save 3 million babies and it doesn't break the bank. Any right-to-lifers out there who want to preserve these rights to life? Any liberals who want to organize about something other than arcane Senate rules? Anyone who wants to get the right and left working together on something that might make the rest of the world as proud of America as we are?