D.C. Douglas, Former Geico Voice Actor, Fires Back At FreedomWorks (VIDEO)

D.C. Douglas may have lost his gig as a voice over announcer on Geico commercials, but he's found another use for his time and talent ... making a tongue-in-cheek PSA warning people, "don't drunk dial FreedomWorks."

Douglas, also known as Lance Baxter, made headlines when he left a nasty message for the conservative organization which is closely aligned with the Tea Party. The message and a subsequent call from FreedomWorks back to Douglas were leaked, and Geico promptly fired him.

"What I did may have been entertaining, but it was also impetuous and not well thought out," Douglas said in a statement released on Monday. "If I were to make that call today, I would use a more diaphram-supported voice and ask very different questions."