D.C. Men Actually Dye Hair Gray To Get Salt-And-Pepper Look

D.C. men have stormed the salons with an interesting request: to add a little gray to their perfectly-colored heads of hair.

Pirooz Sarshar of the Grooming Lounge, a men's salon and spa in Washington explained to the FInancial Times that grayness adds gravitas.

"We've had that request quite a bit," Sarshar said. "Lobbyists do that when they're trying to appeal to a more conservative crowd or be taken more seriously in their job field. Six years ago, only 2 percent of our business was hair colour, now it's 22-23 per cent. And of the colouring we do, 80 percent is gray blending."

And across the pond, in west London, Kell Skott has started to offer a process called Color Camo, which tints most of the gray hair but leaves some as is for the natural look.

"I even had a guy say, 'Can I have a little on the eyebrows?'" Skott remarked.

But one thing Sarshar doesn't recommend dying is chest hair.

"You have to be super-careful, and your skin is going to hurt--you're slapping an activator peroxide on it, and it will dry out. If you're getting gray chest hair and are uncomfortable with it, buy yourself a set of body hair trimmers. That's what I do."

Gosh! Who knew that men's beauty regimens were so demanding?

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