DC-Native Hilary Rhoda Keeps Politics To Herself, Face On Covers

Model Hilary Rhoda might be from the D.C. area but she's not talking politics. The 22-year-old told The Washington Times that she keeps her political ideas to herself, "because a lot of times those conversations can become heated!"

However, she's not afraid to bare (almost) it all on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a decision for which she has been been criticized.

"I have no regrets about it. For a model, it is a major achievement and a business tactic to widen my fan base."

She presented her reasons with a hint of that good ol' DC diplomacy:

"I always looked at it from an aspirational angle because of how fit and in shape the women in it were," she explained. "I work out every day, and to have a strong body instead of something frail like in fashion magazines, that's something to look up to. Every woman is welcome to her opinion but I think the photos came out beautifully."

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