DC Protests: More Captiol Hill Arrests, Protest At Wells Fargo Bank

WASHINGTON -- Seven "Stop the Machine" protesters were arrested Thursday morning on Capitol Hill. The protest -- similar to but separate from the ongoing Occupy DC protests in McPherson Square -- issued a media release on the arrests:

Update: Seven members of the occupation of Freedom Plaza were arrested at a House Armed Services Committee meeting protesting war quagmires and continued spending on weapons and war. People arrested included Leah Bolger, vice president of Veterans for Peace, and Michael Patterson, Alli McCracken, Nancy Brennan, Michael Scheffer, and two others

Kevin Zeese, a "Stop the Machine" organizer, told The Huffington Post that the arrests took place around 10:30 a.m. He said the protesters are in custody now, but he doesn't know where.

According to The Hill:

[House Armed Services] Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) gaveled the session in recess as this incident played out -- and several other times. But after the session resumed, a female protester interrupted the proceedings again, loudly charging a committee staffer with laughing at the alleged Iraq war veteran.

Other protesters have targeted the Wells Fargo Bank branch at 9th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue. Zeese said that the protesters planned on sitting in the lobby, demanding an end to foreclosures, asking the bank to support affordable housing and to lower mortgage rates to real housing values.

On Tuesday, there were two separate protests on Capitol Hill that resulted in arrests.

Flickr photo by Elvert Barnes